• Erica Suzanne

Quarantine Glow Up!

Hello, shower... is that you? It’s been a while. Have you had a similar conversation lately? Don’t worry, there’s no shame in our game. We are all feeling it. We want to feel good about ourselves and our appearance, but we have no where to be and no plans to look forward to. What’s the point? While it may be only your immediate household that will be seeing you, we cannot stress how important it is to maintain a sense of confidence and normalcy during this weird time. Sure, there are days it’s ok to stay in our PJs and not brush our hair, but don’t let these be the norm during quarantine!

We are here to give you tips on how to give yourself a boost of fresh energy and confidence and the glow up you never knew you needed: the Quarantine Glow Up!

Step One: SHOWER! Lather up, Baby! Even better- take a long, hot bubble bath. Take the time every other day to make shower time your sanctuary. No kids yelling at you, no lists to be checked, just 15 glorious minutes to yourself to be pampered, by you. Get a new, fresh smelling soap or a bath bomb to invigorate you. Try a deep conditioning mask to repair your hair. Break out that razor and exfoliate.

Step Two: Grab your self tanner. A new, dewy glow does wonders for your mood and confidence.

Step Three: Give yourself a bomb blowout that will last a few days and make your husband do a double take. This blow dryer makes things easy to transform your hair into a sleek style.

Step Four: Bust out your makeup bag. We know it’s been a been a while, but it misses you. Play up your eyes and lips and put some color on with blush and bronzer.

Step Five: Dress! We know those jeans have been hiding in your closet but they are ready to come out and play! Put on your favorite blouse and some cute flats.

Now, take a look in the mirror. That feels better, doesn’t it?

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