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Erica Suzanne

Matchmaker, Coach, Founder, Mother & Wife

I have been a matchmaker for over 20 years and have been passionate about it for just as long. I discovered early on that I loved being a connector. Just like the joy you have when you find that puzzle piece you were searching for and the complete satisfaction you have when you put it into place!

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A Modern Approach

"This is an investment in yourself. 

A modern matchmaker with a totally different approach."




We start by listening.


What are the events that led you to seek help? We want to learn why, and create a plan that ensures you find your person.



Let's create together.


This is all about you. We create a plan that's specific to what we've determined is best suited to help you reach your relationship goals.



Our support never lingers.

We're here to help you in your matchmaking  journey through constant communication and support. A partner until

you find another.



Growth is the goal.

If you're not growing into the best version of yourself, we're not doing our jobs. We guarantee you'll find your person.

The Matchmaking Team


Katie Walker

VP of Operations


Mary Olivia

Social Media Specialist


Mimi Stiles

Brand & Marketing


Kyra Oak

Executive Recruiter

A team of coaches, matchmakers and recruiters dedicated to helping you find your person, your confidence and the happily after.


Erica is a once in a lifetime opportunity for someone who is truly struggling to find their person. She's been my rock and has helped me unlock what I never thought I had inside of me. -- Meg

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